Winter Camp


Equestrian Center


3935 W. Seven Mile Rd. South Lyon MI 48178

Winter Break 


Tuesday, December 26-Friday, December 30
Ages: 7-14
Levels 1 and 2 (Walk/Trot and Walk/Trot/Canter)

Campers will ride twice a day temperature permitting. When not riding campers will enjoy hot chocolate and a variety of horse-related indoor activities and crafts. Please pack a sack lunch for your camper. 

Depending on what this winter brings students may even be able to enjoy an outdoor ride in the snow.

The week will conclude with a show planned and put on by the riders demonstrating what they have learned during their week of camp. Following the show, we invite family and friends to join us for a potluck style pizza party. Please bring a small dish to pass, we will provide the pizza, pop, and flatware.

How to dress for winter riding

While our activity rooms are heated our barn and riding arena are not so it is important to dress appropriately to get the most enjoyment out of your week of winter camp. 

Keep your head warm! An ear wrap or an unembellished snug fitting knit cap may be worn under the rider's helmet for extra warmth. Alternatively, a winter helmet cover may also be used, these covers fit over the rider's helmet and cover ears and parts of the face and neck. 

Layers! Riding is an active sport and your body temperature will change during your lesson. Dress in easily removed layers so you can stay comfortable throughout your lesson. Build from the base layer up. Your base layer should consist of a wicking type fabric to help keep you dry. Layer the rest of your tops based on how you handle cold. Zip-off layers are preferable as they can be removed without the need to take off your helmet. Consider a layer that will also cover the neck. Riders will not be allowed to ride with scarves as they can easily become a choking hazard. Don't forget your legs, fleece-lined pants or a pair of smooth long johns will go along way in helping to keep you warm and comfortable. 

Hands and Feet! Gloves can be worn while riding and grooming your horse, look for a pair that provides warmth and dexterity. Leather gloves, while not needed, will provide a better grip on the reins. Be sure to wear warm socks that will keep your feet dry also. Toe warmers and hand warmers are also great to have. 
To read more about dressing for winter riding check out this article by Dover Saddlery. (Link will open in a new page)