Wildwind's Triple Cup Challenge 

 Each summer Wildwind Equestrian Center offers a series of 3 horse shows known as the Triple Cup Challenge.  These three home shows are open to all Wildwind riders, allowing participants of all ages and abilities to compete in a friendly environment surrounded by friends and classmates. 

Friends and family are invited to come out to Wildwind for the day to watch the show and cheer on their rider. If the weather is nice we hold the show in the main outdoor arena and recommend spectators bring lawn chairs (and a pop-up tent for shade if you have one).  Parking will be available in the two arenas in front of the house, please follow the signs. 

2018 Show Dates:
  • Show #1: Sunday, May 6th CANCELED
  • Show #2: TBD
  • Show #3: Sunday, October 21st

2017 Champions and Reserve Champions

Show #1 

Walk Trot Canter Division

Champion: Payton Clanin riding Moon

Reserve: Violet Schroeder riding Peanut

Cross Pole Division

Champion: Alexis Kubacz riding Moon

Reserve: Sitara Vennapusa riding Snickers

Jump 2'3"+ Division

Champion: Sam Ewers riding Coalton

Reserve: Maddie Snelling riding Lucy

Senior Division

Champion: Justine Gregor riding Jelly

Reserve: Leslie McCall riding Gideon

Halloween Show 

Beginner Walk Trot Division

Champion: Courtney Mosher-Buyno riding Aries

Reserve: Ava Granata riding Aries

Advanced Walk Trot Division

Champion: James Smith riding Casey

Champion: Leah Putnam riding Snickers

Reserve: Isabel Gillay riding Izzy

Walk Trot Canter Division

Champion: Lilianna Tucker riding Dinky

Reserve: Payton Clanin riding Peanut

Jump (all heights) Division

Champion: Maddie Snelling riding Lucy/Aspen

Reserve: Violet Schroder riding Peanut

Senior Division

Champion: Leslie McCall riding Dinky

Reserve: Heidi Slager riding Aspen


Equestrian Center


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