Equestrian Center

As many of you are aware, the recent threat of the COVID-19 virus has brought small businesses to a standstill, and unfortunately, that does include our beloved barn, our home away from home, our haven. We are now asking our barn family to come together and help. 

We rely on our lesson programs, show team, and clinics; even though these have stopped we are still taking care of our horses as if this didn’t happen. This includes all the expenses of hay, feed, bedding, farrier and staff. If you have ridden with us, you know our horses are the love of our lives and we will do whatever it takes to keep them all healthy. 

While everyone is staying at home, we want to try to make sure you still have a way to get that “horse fix”. This is why Wildwind is now offering each of you the opportunity to sponsor one of our horses!

Here’s how it works. Once you register yourself as a sponsor through the office, you will receive a sponsor certificate and photo of your sponsored horse. You will then receive weekly updates on how your horse is doing for the month of your sponsorship. Updates will include photos, short videos, and stories about how your horse is spending their time off! Your sponsor donation will help care for your horse while lessons are canceled. 

Horse sponsorships are $150 per month. 
Not able to sponsor a horse? Consider sponsoring a mini for $50 per month instead!

Sponsorships last 30 days from the date of purchase. Horses may be sponsored by more than one rider at a time. All sponsorships must be registered with the office. Once registered, sponsors will receive updates on their sponsor horse via email from Dom (wildwinddom@gmail.com).

Together we will conquer this, and together we will be again.

We are also currently taking donations via PayPal at wildwindec@gmail.com, we will also accept mailed checks at 3935 7 Mile Rd., South Lyon, MI.  Please label checks as "Donation" in the memo line. 


3935 W. Seven Mile Rd. South Lyon MI 48178

Sponsor a Horse Program