Every rider finds joy in riding. Some riders wish to take it to the next level and attend competitions. No matter your level if you want to show we can make it happen. 

Wildwind offers in-house "home" shows to our riders who are just entering into the world of horse showing. Home shows are a great way to show off your skills in the comfort of a familiar environment among family and friends. When you ready to step it up a notch we'll help you understand the ins and outs of attending an "away" show.

Show team members attend away shows throughout the year.  Working with their instructor, show team members are able to watch and learn at each show and use this knowledge to continually improve their skills. Show riders work hard to improve their standing throughout each show series. 

Riders interested in participating on their school's Equestrian Team will find Wildwind willing to help them reach their goals and find the right mount to meet their needs. Equestrian Team riders are urged (and may be required) to attend away shows to learn how their mount will behave off-site. 

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