Level Listings

  • Please read each level carefully. 
  • You may attend any class at or below your riding level. Do not overestimate your or your child skill level.  Participants signing up for a class above their skill level will not be permitted to participate, and no refunds or make-ups will be given.  
  • Wildwind Students should check with their instructor to confirm their level. 
  • Appropriate ages may be listed, but the rider's ability will be the determination for all classes. 

Level 1.  OPEN Anyone may attend, no riding skills needed. 

Level 2.  Lead Line Wildwind Tiny Tots, or NWS that need a leader. 

Level 3.  Limited Walk Trot  Riders you have just started and are able to stop, go, steer, and have begun learning to trot independently. Wildwind Summer Campers may attend level 2 or 3 depending on what you did in camp. Remember do not overestimate your skill level.  

Level 4.  Walk Trot Walk Trot and very beginner Walk Trot Canter riders should attend this group. All Walk Trot riders who can confidently do a trot for a continued period of time, stop, go, steer, circle and follow directions.  Wildwind Summer Campers may join this level depending on what they did in camp.

Level 5.  Walk Trot Canter  Riders who can confidently canter for a period of time, control their horse well and follow directions. 

Level 6.  Limited Walk Trot Canter Jump  Riders who are just starting to learn to jump and are currently jumping pole piles, cross poles, and jumps up to 18"

Level 7.  Walk Trot Canter Jump  Riders jumping 2' and over, all jumps for games will be set no higher than 2'3"


Equestrian Center


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