​Group Lessons
Group lessons consist of 3-7 riders of similar riding ability and are one hour in length. During a group lesson, beginner riders will learn all of the basics of riding at a walk and trot. They will continue to build their skills as they continue lessons and work up to the canter and eventually jumping. 

Riding is a difficult sport and every student progresses at their own pace. If your student appears to be progressing faster than the class or needs to spend more time working on building their basic skills, you may be asked to switch to a different class. We strive to keep students moving forward and being in an appropriate level class is the best way to ensure safety and forward progression.

Benefits of riding in a group setting include learning how to navigate around other horses, seeing that other riders also struggle,  learning to read your horse's and other horses' body language, and of course building friendships. Any student interested in showing should always participate in group lessons as riding around other riders and horses is required when participating in a show. 

​Private Lessons
Private lessons give riders the opportunity to work one-on-one with one of the Wildwind Instructors. Private lessons are a half-hour long (we also offer one-hour private lessons-call the office for more information). While most of our private lessons are offered on Sunday, we are able to accommodate a limited number of daytime and weeknight private lessons as well. Our private lesson schedule books quickly, so if you are interested in securing a permanent private lesson slot be sure to call the office. 

Private lessons are great for a variety of reasons. They allow the rider to focus on skills that may be giving them a particularly difficult time. A rider who is not comfortable riding with large groups may find that learning some basics in private lessons can give them the head start and confidence they need before joining a group lesson. Show riders should always plan on taking private lessons in addition to group lessons. Private lessons for riders going to a show will focus heavily on a rider's form and preparing for the show classes in which they will be participating.

Semi-Private Lessons
Semi-private lessons are designed for two riders and are 45 minutes long.  Riders will get the most from these lessons if they are at a similar riding level. They are also a great option if you are looking for a unique parent/child or couples activity. 

Senior Lessons
Our senior program is available for riders 50 years and older. Whether you are a returning rider or a first time beginner, our senior lessons are for everyone. These lessons are scheduled during the weekdays between 9am-3pm. Currently we have senior group lessons Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 10am.


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