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leasing at Wildwind

Leasing a Wildwind Horse or Pony

Wildwind offers eligible riders the opportunity to lease a school horse or pony, so you can improve your riding and see what it's like to own a horse. Contact the office to choose a lease horse and to sign a lease agreement. A lease agreement must be signed.

2016 Summer Half Lease 

If you plan to show throughout the summer, or want to get in extra practice on the horse you would like to use for Equestrian Team consider doing a Half Lease this summer!

$550 per month

Lease Details
1 group lesson per week (regular make-up lesson rules apply)
3 scheduled practice rides per week (no make-ups or carryovers)
First choice of horse for home shows, outside shows, lessons
Leasee is responsible for Farrier bill ($25-$85 once every 6-8 week.)
Leasee may use Wildwind tack. Leasee will be responsible for any damage, lose or theft while tack is in their possession.
Current Leasee will have first right of refusal for the following month. 

All practice rides must be scheduled; horse will still be used for camps and lesson programs.

Show Discounts (choose one per month, show days do not carry over if unused)
20% off flat rate fee for one Woodbine show per month
50% off horse fee for Equestrian Team Meets

Lease Rules and Regulations

All regular barn rules and regulations apply (see www.wildwindstable.com/policies.html).
All riders leasing a horse/pony must take at least 1 lesson per week.
All persons leasing will have first refusal rights to lease the same horse when their lease is up. Please give management 3 weeks notice.
Lease horses must be scheduled for your practice rides and must be canceled if you are not coming. Make-ups are not available.
Canceled and rescheduled lessons are not guaranteed on lease horse/pony.
Lessee only may ride horse/pony.
Horse/pony must stay boarded at Wildwind.
Horse/pony must stay on Wildwind property unless attending an approved show.
Horse/pony going to shows must be accompanied by Wildwind Trainer (with exception of Equestrian Team)
All Wildwind horses/ponies will be trailered by Wildwind arrangements. Equestrian Team horses/ponies must have the safety of their trailering approved by management before horse/pony leaves the property.
In half lease options all vet visits are taken care of by the barn, unless the injury is due to rider negligence.
In full lease option all vet and farrier visits are the responsibility of the lessee, however any medical decisions will be made by medical staff.
Some horses/ponies will have to have death and indemnity insurance held by the lessee, dependent on hose/pony value.
Jumping is not permitted outside of lessons, unless you have management permission.
Any rider not taking care of their horse/pony (proper grooming, warm up and cool down) or abusing the horse/pony will be removed from the lease program and forfeit any fees paid.
All leasing payments are due on the 1st of the month.
Late payments will result in rider not having access to horse. Missed lessons and practice rides will not be made up, unless stated otherwise.
If lease horse/pony is injured, not due to riders fault, another horse will be provided for your lessons. Supplying a replacement horse for the injured horse/pony will be reviewed by management and determined on an individual basis.
Lessee students may use horse tack on a “you break it, you bought it” basis.
Tack needs to be cleaned at least once per week.
Tack lockers are not available for all persons leasing. Those leasing for 1 year or 6 months will have priority.
Any personal tack can only be used on the horse if approved by Vikki.
A lease contract must be signed by all lessees.
Please note Wildwind only leases in house to current Wildwind Riders.