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Leasing a Wildwind Horse or Pony

Wildwind offers eligible riders the opportunity to lease a school horse or pony so you can improve your riding and see what it's like to own a horse. Contact the office to choose a lease horse and to sign a lease agreement. A lease agreement must be signed.

Wildwind does not offer Leasing during the summer months, with the exception of Wildwind Show Team members. If you are a Wildwind Show Team member (or want to become one!) and would like information on leasing please contact the office at 248-486-7433 or wildwindec@gmail.com

Please note Wildwind only leases in house to current Wildwind Riders.
 Lease Rules and Regulations

  • All regular barn rules and regulations apply (see www.wildwindstable.com/policies.html).
  • All riders leasing a horse/pony must take at least 1 lesson per week.
  • All horses will continue to be used in Wildwind's lesson programs regardless of the lease option. 
  • All riders leasing will have first refusal rights to lease the same horse when their lease is up. Please give management 3 weeks notice.
  • All rides must be scheduled. Make-ups are not available for missed practice rides. Regular make-up rules apply to lessons. Canceled and rescheduled lessons are not guaranteed on lease horse/pony. Missed lessons must be made up within the month they are missed. 
  • All riders must be approved for the horse/pony they wish to lease.
  • Not all horses/ponies will be available for lease.
  • Lease priority is given to the longest contract period and then on a first come first served basis.
  • The leaseholder is responsible for payment of the entire length of the lease contract regardless if they use it or not. There are no refunds. 
  • Lessee only may ride horse/pony.
  • Horse/pony must stay boarded at Wildwind.
  • Horse/pony must stay on Wildwind property unless attending an approved show.
  • Horse/pony going to shows must be accompanied by Wildwind Trainer (with exception of Equestrian Team)
  • All Wildwind horses/ponies will be trailered by Wildwind arrangements. Equestrian Team horses/ponies must have the safety of their trailering approved by management before horse/pony leaves the property.
  • Some horses/ponies will have to have death and indemnity insurance held by the lessee, dependent on hose/pony value.
  • Jumping is not permitted outside of lessons unless you have management permission.
  • Any rider not taking care of their horse/pony (proper grooming, warm up and cool down) or abusing the horse/pony will be removed from the lease program and forfeit any fees paid.
  • All leasing payments are due on the 1st of the month unless otherwise noted.
  • Late payments will result in the rider not having access to the horse. Missed lessons and practice rides will not be made up unless stated otherwise.
  • If lease horse/pony is injured, not due to riders fault, another horse will be provided. Supplying a replacement horse for the injured horse/pony will be reviewed by management and determined on an individual basis. If the lease horse/pony is "off" for a short period of time the original lease horse will be returned to the lessee.
  • A lease horse may be changed at the beginning of each month if another horse is available and the instructor and management agree. 
  • The only other time a horse will be replaced mid-month is if the horse is deemed unsafe for the rider by the instructor and management.
  • Lessee students may use horse tack on a “you break it, you bought it” basis. Leasee will be responsible for any damage, loss or theft while tack is in their possession. 
  • Tack needs to be cleaned at least once per week.
  • Tack lockers are not available for all persons leasing. Those leasing for 1 year or 6 months will have priority.
  • Personal tack may only be used on the horse if approved by Vikki.
  • A lease contract must be signed by all lessees and/or parent/ legal gaurdian.


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