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Jump Camp

Riders should consult their instructor to determine which camps are right for them. 
All camps will emphasize proper form and control, both on the flat and over fences.  

2022 Jump Camp Schedule

 CURRENT WILDWIND STUDENTS – Please read all the information very carefully.  Remember, camps can be up to 5 months away from when you sign up - look ahead to the riding level at camp time.  At the bottom of each camp description look for the level lesson student you should be at the time of camp.   All Jump camp students need instructor approval to sign up.  If you have a new instructor check with the office.    WILDWIND STUDENTS CHECK WITH THE OFFICE FOR SPECIAL PAYMENT OPTIONS.  We ask WW students to not register on line thru pa pal but in the office if possible

NON WILDWIND STUDENTS: You must check with the office before you register for jump camp. 248-486-7433 some students may have to do an evaluation at Wildwind before we can place you in the proper camp. If you register for a camp above your riding ability, you may not be able to participate in all camp activities.  We do not give refunds.

Jump Camp Level A.  Riders jumping 2’3-2’6.  This will be a demanding and competitive camp pushing riders to improve their equitation skills as well as individual horse skills in a short period of time.   Riders will concentrate on Jumper courses and more difficult jump combinations as well as the ability to ride multiple horses at different levels.  Riders in this camp will compete in different activities all week long for special awards to be given out on Friday at the horse show. Wildwind students in current jump classes at level 3 & 4 should ride in this Camp.     

Date: August 8 – 12                         Cost $450.00

Jump Camp Level B Riders jumping 2-2’3. Students should be riding more difficult school horses and be serious about improving their equitation over fences.   Concentration will be on equitation, harder courses, and reading courses.  Riders will learn advanced skills in show grooming, braiding, wrapping legs, and most importantly for all rider’s, attitude and sportsmanship as you move up in the horse world.  
Wildwind students in current jump class at level 2 thru 4 should ride in this Camp.       
Dates: June 27 – July 1 & July 25 – 29 & August 15 – 19                                                   Cost $450.00

Jump Camp Level C For riders who are currently in an intermediate canter or cross rails class.  Riders in this class must be able to canter multiple times around the ring without stopping and canter in circles.  This camp will work on advanced canter movements and jumping cross rails up to 2 ft. Wildwind Students riding in a canter 2 or 3 or Jump 1 class should ride in this camp.   

Dates: July 11-15 & August 22-26th                                                  Cost $450.00


Camp Policy
All students must wear long pants, (no capris).
All students must wear close-toed shoes. Shoes must completely cover the foot. No crocs. No sandals. No open-toed shoes.
All safety equipment will be supplied.
All full-day campers should bring a bag lunch.
Changing camp dates will incur a $10 administrative fee each time a change is made.
Camp payment is due in full. No refunds.

Please read camp rules, regulations, and refund policies.

Download a liability form; no rider may participate in any camp activity without a liability form filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian. A grandparent is not acceptable if not the guardian so please don’t disappoint the kids and forget their forms.

2022  JUMP camps NOW ALL FULL!!

For jump camps, please consult your instructor about what level camp is right for you before signing up. For students who are not currently riding at Wildwind, contact the office to schedule. 


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