Equestrian Center


3935 W. Seven Mile Rd. South Lyon MI 48178



Level 1- No Experience Needed
Minimum 4 participants, No Max. 
Ages 10-Senior

Ages 10-49: $45.00
Seniors, age 50+: $35.00

Date & Time
Saturday, April 13, 2019 @ 4:00 - 6:00 PM

What do you do when your horse cuts his leg on the trail?  If your horse is rolling around on the ground, keeps getting up and down and is biting at his stomach, is he just itching?  If your horse comes in from the pasture and he has bumps all over his body, what’s up with that?   Learn what to do in a medical emergency and what to do for daily horse health care. Learn how to take a temperature, listen to the heartbeat, and gut sounds, how to provide care in both hot and cold weather. Learn how to recognize a lame horse, and locate the source of the problem, and why it is vital to pay attention to your horse's feet.  Colic kills more horses every year than anything else, learn the signs of colic and how quick action can save your horse's life. Basic horse health care and knowledge need to be at the forefront of every rider’s mind, you need to know if the horse you are riding is sick or injured.  Certainly, anyone who owns a horse or wants to own a horse needs to know basic horse health and emergency care. Join us for this hands-on clinic and leave with vital information that could save a horse's life.