Boarding at Wildwind

  • Full Board- $575 per month
  • Pasture Board - $475 per month

  • Individual Training Sessions- $50.00
  • 1/2 Training 3 Rides per week- $480/month
  • Full Training 5 Rides per week- $720/month

In an industry where the average horse owner stays at any one boarding facility an average of 15 months, our current boarders have been with us for an average of 14.5 years. We think that says it all. Wildwind offers you the best on-site care and attention to detail to help keep your horse healthy, safe and happy.

We feed our horses twice per day on a regimented schedule. Our standard feed is a 12% sweet feed and12% pellet, mixed 50/50. We also have straight pellets, equine senior, bran mashes and other feeds when they are needed. If your horse is on supplements or a daily wormer, whatever you supply us with will be fed on time. The horses have plenty of hay and water at all times.

Daily turnout is provided 7 days per week. You can select a choice of individual turnout; shared turnout with 2-4 other horses; or turnout in the larger herd area with many horses. Stalls are cleaned 7 days per week. Boarder's stalls have mats. Stalls are 10 X 12, with 2 larger foaling stalls (when available). Each boarder is given a tack locker in the boarder tack room that has 2 saddle racks and shelving for lots of extra horsy stuff. We believe that healthy horses spend as much time as possible outside.

There is a reason our boarders have stayed here an average of over 14.5 years. We take great care of the horses and it's a wonderful atmosphere. We have just added all new wooden fencing with hot-wire throughout the facility. We will help schedule vets and farriers for you and hold your horses for them without charge. A dentist is scheduled twice per year and a chiropractor visits about every six weeks. We have a small observation room to keep you warm in the winter complete with a microwave and refrigerator. We have two outdoor arenas, one remains set with jumps and the second is open for flat work.

Kensington Metro Park, Maybury State Park and Brighton State Recreation Area are all a short drive away and full of trails for you and your horse to enjoy.  Wildwind has trailer parking available for our boarders. 

Wildwind welcomes new horse owners, and Vikki is at her best helping to teach new owners the ropes. Wildwind is also a good place for a long lay-up if your horse needs daily medical attention. Come visit us, see if we can meet your needs, one of the owners will be glad to show you around.


Wildwind Owners Vikki Gartner & Cindy Richards


Equestrian Center


3935 W. Seven Mile Rd. South Lyon MI 48178